The TestUS TestPlayer© is a versatile tool for the automatic generation of test cases and and for the analysis, visualization and evaluation of the generated test suites.

Automatic Test Case Generation

The TestPlayer©

Using the TestPlayer©, it is possible to assess the quality of the generated test cases on the basis of graphical representations at an early stage and even before the actual test execution.

The TestPlayer© allows the characteristic properties of a test suit to be seen very quickly, such as

  • the maximium length of a test case , i.e. the number of single test steps between the start and the end state of the markov chain,
  • the mean length of the test cases in a test suite,
  • the accordance between the usage profile of the Markov chain and the usage frequencies of the generated test suite,
  • the coverage of all usage states after having executed the test suite and
  • the coverage of all state transitions after having executed the test suite.

Our expertise and experience from various national and international projects show that statistical usage models based on Markov chains are excellently suited for the testing of applications in different domains, such as

  • Information and communication technology,
  • Medical technology,
  • Automotive , as well as
  • Automation technology.