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Generate and Visualize Test Suites

Our strength is the automated, model-based generation of test suites using graphical usage models for hardware and software systems. Test suites can be further processed as JSON documents for the development of executable test cases or can be visualized in a user-friendly way.

After successful login, the user has access to the basic generation and visualization operations and can interact with the TestPlayer© by using the user interface shown below.

Generate Test Suite

The Test Suite Generation Wizard guides the test developer step-by-step to automatically generate a test suite with the required properties.

Visualize Test Suite

Once a test suite has been created, the test engineer can gain further insight into the details of the test by viewing various TestPlayer© diagrams to assess the quality of the test suite.

Visualize Usage Model

Before creating test suites, the steady-state properties of the corresponding usage model can be analyzed and visualized to predict which parts of the application should be tested more intensively.

Generate Excel Documents

After visualizing the detailed characteristics of the test suite and the usage model, several Excel documents can be created that contain frequency tables and compare the steady-state probabilities of the model usage state with the reciprocals of the transition frequencies.

Delete Test Suite

Clicking the red Delete button removes the selected test suite and all its components from the user's repository.