An approach, where the test cases are generated in parts or completely from a model is called Model-based Testing.

Model-based Test Case Generation

Model-based testing is an innovative test approach to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the testing process.

A model-based tester uses models to control test design and analysis, and also takes advantage of models for other test activities such as test case generation and test report generation.

The ISTQB glossary of software testing terms defines Model-based testing as «Testing based on or involving models» .

In general, a distinction is made between

  • System specifications, which model the functional behavior of the SUT (System under Test) and
  • Usage models that model the usage behavior of the future users of the system.

Test cases, which are generated from a system specification are mostly used in the so-called component- or unit test. Usage models are applied for the generation of test cases for the system- and acceptance test, respectively.

The widespread V Model clarifies this relation by distinguishing between the development and the test of a system.